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Welcome to the OSPlus - Open Source Web site
Last Updated: 31 March 2005

Welcome to the web site for the Open Source version of OSPlus. OSPlus is a collection of utilities that started out on DOS, but has also been ported to Linux and Win32. You can find a lot of information about it and download the current (closed-source) version here.

The source code for the Text Editor and Disk Imager have been uploaded to SourceForge. The Disk Imager only runs under DOS, but the Text Editor runs under the following platforms:

  • Real-mode DOS (using Borland C++)
  • Protected-mode DOS (using DJGPP)
  • Linux
  • Win32 (MingW32, MSVC or Borland C++)

Click here to go to the download page. For the very latest source code, click here to go to the CVS Repository. Please note that the binary files (*.DLG, DSKIMAGE.IDE, DSKIMAGE.DSW, etc) in the Disk Imager source in CVS may be corrupt - see the Download page for more information. The Text Editor source should be fine.

Latest News

OSPlus Text Editor 2.1.1 Released
31st March 2005
Version 2.1.1 of OSPlus Text Editor has been released, fixing a bug in the converter routines whereby unmodified files may under certain circumstances be removed. All users are recommended to upgrade to 2.1.1 immediately. Click here for more information.

OSPlus Text Editor 2.1 Released
1st January 2005
After quite a few years, I have finally released OSPlus Text Editor 2.1. This features many improvements in the build process, an MSVC and MinGW32 port, and a new converter system, which includes support for Microsoft Win32 converters (on Win32 or Linux). It also fixes various bugs - click here to download!

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.4 Released
12th October 2001
I have finally got around to uploading Disk Imager 1.4. This fixes a major bug in Disk Imager 1.3 and enhances other aspects of the program. Click
here to download it.

Site Update
8th September 2001
I have updated some of the "behind-the-scenes" code on this site, to help fix a few problems with some versions of Netscape 6/Mozilla and the drop-down menus. These were fixed on
owenrudge.co.uk, but not here. There is now a Customise this Site page, as with owenrudge.co.uk.

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.3 uploaded
3rd September 2001
Version 1.3 of the Disk Imager has been uploaded to CVS, and the source code and binaries have been uploaded to the
SF Files section.

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.2 uploaded to SourceForge
30th May 2001
I've uploaded both binaries and source code for OSPlus Disk Imager 1.2 to SourceForge. I've not been able to update this page because the SourceForge shell server has been down. Click
here for more information on the Disk Imager and how to download it.

Binaries of Text Editor 2.0 uploaded to SourceForge
25th May 2001
I have uploaded binaries of OSPlus Text Editor 2.0 to SourceForge. All versions except the Linux version have been added. Click
here for more information.

If you would like to work on OSPlus, please download the source code. Also, I'd be happy to receive e-mails about what you would like in OSPlus, and so on. Click here to e-mail me.

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